Lease A New Volvo in Chico, CA

The benefits of leasing are starting to add up

Leasing a new Volvo in Chico, CA has been an appealing idea for years, with roughly one-third of new car customers opting for a lease instead of a loan. At Courtesy Volvo Chico, we've noticed that leasing might even be trending up a bit. With the soaring costs of new cars and the uncertainty of today's economy, there are some good reasons leasing can be the right option right now for many new car customers.

A Few Benefits of Leasing a Volvo

The biggest reason for leasing: Lower monthly payments

Your monthly lease payment is calculated primarily by adding up the amount a car will depreciate over the typical 36-month lease term. The fact that cars aren't depreciating as much as in the past lowers the average lease payment. According to credit agency Experian, the average lease payment is now about $467 a month vs. an average loan payment of $568, so leasing can leave an extra $100 in your bank account every month.

A lease requires less of your money in the beginning

Many families burned through a lot of cash during the pandemic. That's why the big down payments required for a car loan weren't very appealing. But you can find leasing specials that let you get into a lease with little or no money down. Of course, the less you put down on a lease, the higher your monthly payments. But many people around Oroville and Red Bluff, CA are willing to accept that to avoid paying a lot of cash up front.

It's fun to get a brand-new car every three years

One of the things people like most about a lease is that it's an easy, low-maintenance way to continually be driving a new or nearly-new car. You start out with a new Volvo at the beginning, make lower payments per month than a loan and at the end of your 36-month lease, you can sign up for a new lease and drive home in another new Volvo. You're staying on the cutting edge of the latest tech and driving another shiny new car can feel pretty good.

Less Reason To Worry

You don't ever have to worry about selling that leased vehicle yourself

In many ways, leasing a Volvo in Chico is pretty "low maintenance," especially at the end of the lease. When you finish your 36-month term, you can just drop off your leased Volvo with us, pay for any excess damage or wear-and-tear, and then sign up for another lease and another new Volvo. You can forget about the time and expense of selling the car you were leasing. We take that chore off your to-do list and put you in a brand-new car.

You're likely to have fewer repairs and predictable maintenance costs

With a 36-lease on a new Volvo, you won't be seeing much of our service center. That's because new Volvo warranties are very complete. Both the comprehensive bumper-to-bumper "basic" warranty and the powertrain warranty last for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Since your lease is only 36 months, you'll have virtually no repair costs during your lease. You're just responsible for factory recommended maintenance.

We can tell you more about the pros and cons of leasing

Look for rotating lease specials on our website to help you lower the cost. Keep in mind that, with a lease, you never own your leased Volvo. You're making payments but not building equity (or ownership) in the vehicle you'll be driving around Redding or Anderson, CA. There are quite a few other things to know about leasing a new Volvo in Chico, CA, but if the benefits appeal to you, it's worth a call or a visit to learn more soon at Courtesy Volvo Chico.

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