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Volvo Specials at Volvo Cars Chico

Pajouh Volvo of Chico gives you a chance to drive the Volvo specials in and around Redding. Drivers can now choose Volvo cars because of their urge to provide you with the latest vehicle innovations and technologies. The sales team is proud to announce that the various Volvo models are available at affordable prices. The Volvo brand is economical in terms of fuel reservation, improved safety, and increased productivity. Some of the top new inventory models from the brand are:


For our esteemed customers, the subscription to the XC90 is exclusively available on a monthly all-inclusive payment module with flexibility in subscription terms and conditions. This will allow drivers from Chico to make the right decisions when purchasing the modern Volvo automobile. For Volvo, XC90 safety is considered a top priority. The awesome design is also capable of generating more power with less or zero tailpipe emissions. The sleek SUV is highly dynamic with refreshed design details and google built-in, this machine is smarter than ever.


The Volvo XC60 is a luxury compact SUV crossover. The stylish and thoughtfully designed 2022 XC60 SUV. Clean lines and tasteful embellishments help the XC60 strike a stylish pose in traffic, while the cabin serves as an upscale oasis from the perils of the modern commute. Three different powertrains offered here, including a plug-in hybrid variant with strong performance.


The XC40 compact SUV is designed for the drive across Redding and beyond. For a driver desiring to be in control every step of the way, the intuitive yet convenient Volvo will get you through. It has a bold SUV body design meeting compact efficiency standards. The smart storage design in the interior provides subtle conditions for your storage solutions, such as phones, laptops, and charging spaces. The 360-degree view allows drivers to confidently park the SUV in small and confined spaces.


The Volvo S60 is a compact vehicle designed for precise, sharp on-road reactions for a dynamic ride. The engine powertrain on the car saves on fuel by recovering energy when you brake! This is awesome. A fitted Head-up Display allows you to watch out for speeding or changes in engine performance.

Volvo Cars Chico often encourages clients] to look up our online platform to acquire more understanding about our ergonomic vehicles. You can now choose the Volvo of choice just by the tap of a button. There, online shopping will aid in making the world know about this elegant yet new car - the Volvo series, packed with various tools like Value Trade form and Finance App to value your piece just the way you want it!