Leasing a brand-new Volvo at Volvo Cars Chico in Chico, CA is a simple, enjoyable experience. Driving your leased Volvo is, of course, an even more enjoyable experience. Returning that Volvo to our dealership can also be a fairly simple process, especially if you know about the key steps in advance. To help make the best use of your time and make the lease return process easier, here are some guidelines we hope will be helpful.


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90 days before lease-end: Consider your options

While you have a number of possible next steps at the end of your lease, let's look briefly at three of your choices. One of the most common approaches is to simply lease another brand-new Volvo. By exercising that option, you could get behind the wheel of a new Volvo with the latest design, the newest features and Volvo technology. If that appeals to you, take time to shop for the new Volvo you like most.

Another lease-end option: Buy the Volvo you've been leasing

After enjoying the comfort, the style and the safety of a Volvo for a few years, you might have become attached. It often happens that our lessees like the Volvo they've been leasing so much, they decide to purchase it with a traditional car loan. If that sounds good to you, talk to the experts in our finance center before the end of your lease approaches.

A third lease-end option: Buy a brand-new Volvo

After leasing a car for a few years, you might decide that you'd prefer the advantages of buying a new Volvo instead of leasing one. You might be attracted to the idea of using monthly car loan payments to build a cash equity position in your new Volvo, something that's obviously not possible with a lease.

60 days before lease-end: Have your Volvo inspected

About two months before the end of your lease, a representative from Volvo Cars Chico will get in touch to schedule a complimentary inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if your leased Volvo has incurred any excess wear-and-tear or damage.

If repairs are required, you can arrange to have those done by the experts in our service center at Volvo Cars Chico. Please keep copies of your receipts for any end-of-lease repairs you do since you'll need those on the day you return your vehicle. Your lease-end inspection can be done at the location of your choice: At our dealership, at your home or office or another location that works well for you.

30 days before lease-end: Schedule your turn-in appointment

Simply contact us at Volvo Cars Chico to arrange a date and time to return your leased vehicle to our dealership. That's when we'll do the lease-end vehicle inspection to make sure any needed repairs are complete. When you're ready to return your Volvo, please bring all keys or key fobs and the owner's manual.

At Lease-End

When your lease-end inspection is complete, we ask that you provide receipts for any repairs you've already completed. If appropriate, we'll send you an invoice for any excess wear-and-tear or damages after your lease vehicle has been turned in. While this summary doesn't detail every step of the lease completion, it provides a general framework. We'll be happy to provide more information at Volvo Cars Chico in Chico, CA.

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As long as you do a few things to get prepared, returning your leased Volvo to Courtesy Volvo of Chico in Chico should be one of the easiest things that you do this year. Contact us with any questions that you might still have. We can also go over available options for you should you want to enter into another new lease upon turning your existing one in. Whether you're in Redding or Durham, make your way to our dealership today.