New Volvo S60 Recharge in Chico, CA

2021 Volvo S60 Recharge at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico Near Oroville, CA

Volvo Cars is a brand specifically concerned with the environment and its preservation. This company-wide mission comprises model designs as well as the methods by which Volvo production plants are powered. In fact, it's Volvo Cars intention to split all new Volvo sales evenly between plug-in hybrids and pure-electric vehicles by a coming date certain.

Enter Volvo S60 Recharge, and trims of R-Design Expression, R-Design, Inscription and Polestar Engineered.

Benefits of Volvo S60 Recharge Luxury Sedan

The benefits of a plug-in hybrid abound, and that's why we're proud to carry a large supply of them here at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico. This without mentioning the Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credit enhancing the overall advantage of Volvo S60 Recharge acquisition. Clearly, there's a concerted effort to wean ourselves from a rather caustic reliance on fuel. With a simple overnight charge, your Volvo S60 Recharge will provide an all-electric radius to enjoy - fuel free.

Performance Details

Here are some of the performance details relative to Volvo S60 Recharge:

  • Up to an estimated 22-miles of pure-electric miles will see a commute to Red Bluff free of fuel.
  • Acceleration from stillness to 60 mph is accomplished in 4.3-seconds when setting off for Redding.
  • The electric motor enhances the boost of the fuel-fired, 2L, four-cylinder engine.
  • An estimated fuel economy of 69 mpge is delivered.
  • Seating for five and cargo spacing of 11.6 cu.-ft., enable family shopping excursions to Chico.
  • An astonishing towing capacity comprising up to 2,000-lbs. affords unbelievable opportunities.

Design Parameters

It's a rather remarkable feat to have created a luxury sedan with plug-in hybrid properties. All around, Volvo S60 Recharge exhibits a certain sense of elegance. With sleekened exterior lines, a front fascia exuding determination given LED headlights, a front grille and complementing vanes, your visual senses are accounted for.

Within, there's a centralized, touchscreen display harboring integrated smartphone applications. A wide center console evokes Northern European minimalistic styling. Seating surfaces offer leather-free interiors by providing tailored wool fabrics. Aluminum pedals lend a futuristic feel to a cockpit refined in approach and implementation. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are strategically situated as is the panoramic roof above. A driver's head-up display screens speed, navigational steps and incoming calls to be answered.

Safety and Driver Assistance Standard

Encased within Volvo S60 Recharge is the full allotment of Volvo Cars' proprietary safety and driver-assistance suite of tools. With all Volvo Cars' designs and models, safety is not only inherent but paramount. A Volvo Cars mission seeks to ensure that no one individual should lose their life in a Volvo. Period.

With that said, here are some defining characteristics to Volvo S60 Recharge's safety and driver-assist features:

  • Select for driving modes of pure-electric, hybrid or power.
  • All-wheel-drive mode optimizes traction.
  • Pilot Assist helps with steering, while the lane-keeping aid will signal through the steering wheel of veering.
  • Forward-collision avoidance detects large animals, other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists - day and night.
  • Cross-traffic alerting and auto-braking are essential for cramped parking areas.
  • An array of exterior cameras lends an all-encompassing view of things.
  • Cloud-based communication allows for the real-time sharing of road and weather conditions for easy anticipation.
  • Run-off road mitigation senses straying, and will compensate for the safety of all involved.

The Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credit and Volvo S60 Recharge

As a plug-in hybrid, Volvo S60 Recharge will qualify for a federal tax credit worth thousands of dollars. So, should your federal tax bill comprise an equal sum, the EV Federal Tax Credit may vastly reduce your liability. Also, California state rebates and programs may also apply once you acquire Volvo S60 Recharge.

Test Drive Volvo S60 Recharge at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Chico

Visit our local Chico area dealership today, and test drive the magnificent Volvo S60 Recharge plug-in hybrid luxury sedan.